ICE President's Visit to New York

Thursday September 24th and Friday September 25th, 2015

The New York Local Association recently hosted a visit by the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Professor David Balmforth.

On the evening of Thursday September 24th he attended one of our famous bar debates, which as always are held at the 11th Street Bar in the Manhattan. The motion this time was "It was right to cancel the ARC tunnel rail project between Manhattan and New Jersey". The event was well attended and a lively debate took place involving 2 speakers for the motion and 2 against and good audience participation. The debate was followed by some extensive post-debate discussions at the bar.

On the following morning the President delivered a breakfast presentation on "Innovating for the Future". This was also very well attended and generated some good audience participation.

The President was then escorted on a visit to the Fulton Center project in downtown Manhattan which recently won the British Construction Industry Award for International Project of the Year.

Both the bar debate and the Presidents breakfast address were broadcast live over the internet and a recording of the breakfast address may be viewed at the following location:

Attached are some photos from the visit.



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